More Happy Nudes!

It's fun to exercise!
Thanks to vintage nudist magazines, we get to enjoy these folks taking a break from clothing in the sunshine!  It's nice that the photos seem to admire the 'Jacks' as much as the 'Jills'.
 Which one do you think he's serenading?
Not even a single drop spilled.  He's a pro.
What a handsome coupleIt says "Her performance may seem a bit stilted, but this is her very first attempt to use the things!  Now she can be taller than he!"  
We noticed that this magazine advertised it's all full-color content inside.
   Nature is so grand...just look at that bush!

On the pages of the Blue Boy magazine...

First published in California in 1975, the magazine was originally advertised in the 1970's as a gay version of Playboy or Penthouse. In addition to sexy nude guys, every issue typically included articles about male fashions, male sex, television and film reviews, and the secrets of finding that true male love. It would also often have some good articles regarding politics, homophobia, and gay rights. The magazine gained a whole new audience when Cyndi Lauper mentioned the magazine by name in the first lines of her 1984 song "She Bop." Lauper has stated that finding a copy of Blueboy lying around in the recording studio provided the impetus for writing "She Bop" song in the first place.  Here we get to enjoy Rick, who was both the cover model and centerfold for the March 1981 issue.